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Gregg Brown, Jason Holzman
USA 2004, 73 min.
West Coast Premiere

It begins with that old children’s game "telephone." A secret word is whispered from person to person, and it evolves along the way into a different word. And so goes Words: It simply evolves along with that word. It takes us into a Native American sweat lodge, a group of topless women discussing their breasts, people mourning deceased family, passers-by dancing in the street, a helicopter above still-smoldering Ground Zero and a mysterious Streetside box that contains. something wonderful. It’s a superb, unclassifiable film, a striking exploration of that ineluctable web of life that connects us all.

Best of Face TV! With Gregg Brown
Before he made Words, Gregg Brown hosted one of Manhattan’s most popular public access TV shows, called Face TV! with Gregg Brown. Gregg hit the streets and subways of NY every week and managed to get ordinary passers-by to do and say some pretty remarkable things. Sure, this is Prank TV, but unlike some shows we won¹t name, this one isn’t pie-in-the-face cruel—Gregg’s show laughs with its subjects, not at them. Gregg has just put together a terrific short doc, a sort of evolution of Face TV, which will have its world premiere at DocFest.

In Attendance: Gregg Brown and Jason Holzman