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Michael Wranovics
USA 2004, 90 min.
West Coast Premiere

BEST DOCUMENTARY Phoenix Film Festival
"Addictively of the best documentaries that I've seen in years."
—Erik Childress,

You must remember this: Barry Bonds hits his record-breaking 73rd home run of the season into the stands at PacBell Park, and two guys claim ownership of the Bonds-bashed ball after it lands. Do they work out a deal, share and share alike, in the true spirit of baseball? Nope—they take that other all-American route and lawyer up. At first, it looks like a cut-and-dried case—surely a video of Alex Popov’s catch can’t lie. But as the movie, and the case, continues, lies and loyalties switch sides more than once, and both parties duke it out on television and in the courts. You don’t need to be a baseball fan to love Up for Grabs—it’s a blistering and riotous allegory for the final days of the Bay Area’s boom that went bust.

IN ATTENDANCE: Mike Wranovics and special guests