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Jawad Metni
USA 2003, 60 min.

Terry Rogan smuggles cigars out of Cuba, making a nice living from American fat cats. He also likes a lot of other things Cuba offers, like cheap sex with Cuban prostitutes and all the other stuff that money can buy in an impoverished place like Havana. Sure, he’s an unrepentant mercenary, but his Havana trips put food on the tables of more than a few families. Indeed, it’s a place where such exploitation and survival are uncomfortably interlocked. Weaving together the cigar and sex trades, this is a riveting, rarely seen and kinda creepy look at Castro’s Cuba, from bustling cigar factories to streetside bars to threadbare homes.

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Black Hair
Aron Ranen
USA 2003, 14 min.
The black hair-product industry is a multi-billion dollar a year behemoth, and it’s run almost entirely by Koreans. This doesn’t sit too well with a lot of African Americans. Filmmaker Aron Ranen looks into it.

In Attendance: Aron Ranen