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Deirdre Fishel
USA 2004, 56 min.
West Coast Premiere

Deirdre Fishel and this gaggle of fabulous over-65 females are here to tell you: Sex doesn’t go away when you get old. Sometimes, it even gets better. There’s 74-year-old Betty Dodson and her 26-year-old boyfriend; Ellen and Delores, who met in their 60s and found a passion they’d never known; Juanita, an African American great-grandmother looking for love; 87-year-old Frances, who may be confined to a wheelchair and living in a nursing home, but still knows how to have a good time; and many more lusty senior citizens, busting taboos with teenage abandon.

Louisa Achille
Australia 2004, 56 min.
West Coast Premiere

An adoring and uncensored look at women in porn. These aren’t victims of a man’s world; they aren’t exploited—they’re empowered entrepreneurs, and they love what they do. Annie Sprinkle, Ginger Lynn Allen, Sharon Mitchell, Candida Royale, Nina Hartley and many more strip away the ideological straitjacket surrounding the old “porn vs. feminism” debate. They are frank, funny and fearless as they cover just about every aspect of what it’s like to be in a woman in the porn industry.

In Attendance: Carol Queen and Annie Sprinkle