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Michael McNamara
Canada 2004, 70 min.
West Coast Premiere

Fifty-thousand watts out of Windsor, Ontario—just across the river from Detroit—CKLW invented rock radio in the late ’60s. On a summer night in Detroit, the streets were filled with music—every car and portable radio was blasting the huge “Boom Thump” sound of the Big 8. Its high-speed format was copied by radio stations (and later MTV) the world over. Home of the Hit Line Girls and the Motor City Murder Meter, CKLW was where hits were made—if the Big 8 didn’t play it, it didn’t get played anywhere. And there was one person who decided whether the Big 8 would play your record: Rosalie Trombley, a former receptionist who became the most powerful woman in the music business. Powered by a boom thump pop soundtrack of its own, Radio Revolution is terrific fun, and nothing less than a secret history of pop music.

Preceded by:
Radio Takeover
Serena Dawn, Mike Seely
USA 2004, 9 min.

San Francisco Liberation Radio is a tiny pirate radio station broadcasting from a basement, and serving the homeless and other minority communities in town. It was recently shut down by the FCC. Here’s the story.

In Attendance: Serena Dawn, Mike Seely