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Nina Davenport
USA 2003, 98 min.

Sneak Preview

Nina Davenport, who made the highly acclaimed Always a Bridesmaid, which aired on Cinemax, has offered us this sneak preview of her new documentary. Parallel Lines is a road movie, a tender, sometimes heartbreaking and often funny portrait of a country still reeling from 9/11. Davenport, a lifelong New Yorker, was in San Diego when the planes hit the World Trade Center. In fact, her apartment had a direct view of the towers. A few weeks later, she drives back to the East Coast—too afraid to fly, and more than a little trepidatious to return—asking people along the way what they think about 9/11. And boy do they have a lot to say, though it often has little to do with her question. Cowboys, kids, convenience store clerks and greasy spoon waitresses—unforgettable people, still pretty raw, very ready to speak their minds and hearts and full of surprises. An extraordinarily moving document of what now, sadly, seems like a simpler, more innocent time and place.