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James Guardino
USA 2004, 73 min.
West Coast Premiere

Al Goldstein was once one of the world's most famous pornographers, producing the X-rated cable TV show Midnight Blue, and publishing Screw magazine for 33 years. He's a fierce advocate of the First Amendment, and seems to aspire to be the most foul-mouthed, insulting, race-baiting, offensive pain-in-the-ass the world has ever seen. Filmmaker James Guardino, with Goldstein's blessing, follows his life (interviewing friends and enemies like Larry Flynt, Ron Jeremy, Al Lewis (Grandpa on The Addams Family!) and Jimmy Breslin) and the media circus surrounding his NY trial for the alleged criminal harassment of one of his ex-employees. It's an alarming, mesmerizing portrait of a man spinning desperately out of control before our very eyes.

In Attendance: James Guardino