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Todd Pottinger, Ken Harder and Scott Milam
USA 2004, 129 min.

"Rollicking, breathless..."

"An epic immersion... a hilarious and touching tribute to the American entrepreneurial spirit."
—L.A. Weekly

Richard Peterson is a musical genius. He’s been busking on the streets of Seattle for 20 years, as much of a Seattle icon as the Space Needle. He’s a bit strange to look at—he’s beefy and bald—and he’s an autistic savant with some unique obsessions, like the old TV show Sea Hunt (including its every musical cue), the buildings of Seattle, celebrities in general and Johnny Mathis in particular. He’s also the hardest working man in show business, and a big-hearted lug who seems to live for nothing more than a big hug from his friends, among whom he counts Jeff Bridges and a host of Seattle’s great musicians and radio personalities. He’s simply an amazing, unforgettable character, and this is an amazing, unforgettable film, a tender, funny, deeply felt epic biography of a guy you might otherwise pass on the street without giving a second glance. With appearances by the Young Fresh Fellows, Stone Temple Pilots (who used one of Richards songs, “The Second Album” on their second album), Jeff Bridges and Johnny Mathis. Audience Award winner at the Slamdance Film Festival for best feature