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Jon Muir, Ian Darling
Australia 2003, 52 min.
West Coast Premiere

Jon Muir is a professional adventurer. He’s done some amazing adventurer-type stuff: a non-Sherpa assisted climb of Everest; a South Pole expedition. But no one had ever done this. Probably no one had ever even thought about doing this: He walked across Australia, from south to north. Just him, a little (300 lb!) supply cart, a video camera and his spunky Jack Russell terrier Sarafine. He’d find his own food and water along the way. Eighteen weeks, across deserts and hills and rivers and 1,600 miles—a grueling trek through breathtakingly beautiful country. Never has a movie portrayed the experience of being so utterly alone, truly in the middle of nowhere, so vividly. An awesome feat, and an astonishing film that won a standing ovation at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

In Attendance: Ian Darling

Preceded by:
Keep the Change
Beth Miranda Botshon
USA 2003, 15 min.

A grueling trek of a different kind. Emiliano is a NY deli delivery guy. He speaks very little English. He’s overworked and underpaid and runs all over Manhattan all day long, and he’s raising a wife and kid and sending money home to his family in Mexico. That’s a pretty amazing feat in itself.