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Sat 5/18

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West Coast Premiere
Directed by Jennifer Read

In attendance
Jennifer Read (Director)

OWNED presents the 50 year history of the law-spurning tech tradition of hacking. This vibrant movement gained momentum in the 1960s with Captain Crunch and phone phreaking and now includes annual DefCon hacker conventions in Las Vegas (an amusing highlight of these is the fun game "Spot the Fed"). Kevin Mittnick, dubbed by the New York Times "FBI's Most Wanted Cybercriminal" speaks for the first time about the crimes that lead to his conviction. Misanthropic hacker Fuqrag casually wreaks havoc on government websites from a claustrophobic trailer in an anonymous trailer park.



Sean Connery Golf Project

Directed by Sara Rimensnyder
and Rhys Southan

In attendance
Sara Rimensnyder (Director)

Two filmmakers chronicle their trip to break into a major studio, steal a script in development, and rewrite it to make their mark on Hollywood.

and neighborhood films–Aquarious Records: Episode 13
Directed by
Daniel Robin

Daniel Robin takes us into his neighborhood and introduces us to the idiosyncratic and zealous staff and patrons of ardently independent Aquarius Records. As in his previous series, each little episode illuminates the charming minutiae of the day-to-day and paints an engaging portrait of a small corner of the world by introducing us to the characters who inhabit it Three other neighborhood films screen with MONEY FOR NOTHING.