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Sun 5/27


Sun 5/27

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Michael Bayer & Stan Steen, 2000, 72 min.


In the cutthroat world of the yard sale, early birds are the hardcore scavengers who show up at the crack of dawn or even earlier, determined to get the best bargains and rarest finds.  Experienced yard salers will know enough to place the warning "No Early Birds" in their ads...not that those words are any guarantee against the determined collector, resaler or pack rat. This is the world filmmakers Michael Bayer and Stan Steen infiltrate with their new documentary.  And while the yard sale subculture undoubtedly exists in one form or another throughout the world, NO EARLY BIRDS focuses on Austin, Texas - specifically on Roxanne and Dale, two of the most die-hard
examples of the breed.  They're in the game for different reasons - Roxanne owns a second-hand shop called Curiosa?, while Dale is a laid-back free
spirit of the genus "Slacker" (an increasingly endangered species in today's dot-com crazed Austin).  While Roxanne tears through red lights and nearly plows over pedestrians in her frenzied crosstown shopping sprees, Dale leisurely pedals his bike in the pre-dawn light, hoping to be first in line

to haggle for a used welding torch or battered six-string. As they make their way from sale to sale, Dale and Roxanne dispense hard-won wisdom derived from their years of experience.  For instance, group sales are bad.  They attract more people and the good deals disappear early.  Signs should always be dated, as they tend to stay up for days or even weeks after a sale has ended.  EBay is the enemy, and the Citywide Garage Sale is for suckers.  Oh, and you should never buy second-hand underwear. (Okay, that one we could probably have figured out for ourselves.) Along the way we meet various other oddballs and hangers-on, among them an elderly lady who haunts the estate sale of her deceased neighbor for days, hoping to reclaim a clock she had given as a gift many years earlier, and a self-described packrat whose every inch of living space is jammed up with knick-knacks, geegaws, and flat-out junk.  But Bayer and Steen never condescend to their admittedly off-kilter subjects.  Like last year's HANDS ON A HARD BODY, NO EARLY BIRDS is a joyous and often hilarious celebration of the Texas eccentric.

In Attendance Co-Director Stan Steen

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DOLLY, in which we meet Dr. Irving and his staff at the New York Doll Hospital, where the business is nostalgia. (Annie J Howell, 7min.)

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Joseph H Strickland & Christopher Chaput, 2000, 70 min.

Four Texas boys on an odyssey to find 60s rock star, Tony Joe White (Polk Salad Annie, Rainy Night in Georgia). Set against the backdrop of a two-week road trip through the South, the documentary chronicles Whites rise to fame and his subsequent slide into whatever-happened-to status. Through interviews with Louisiana locals, Memphis tourists, Nashville record producers, a real live musicologist and plenty of motel cleaning ladies, the filmmakersdedicated fanstrace the history of the unlikely hero they seek.

In Attendance Co-Director Joseph H Strickland

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DANIEL JOHNSTON: ROCK and JIMMY SCOTT: ALONE TOGETHER, quick but intimate visits with Texas indie rock icon Johnston and great jazz vocalist Scott. (Matthew Buzzell, 6 and 5min.)

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