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Sat 5/26 7:00pm


Sat 5/26
9:15 pm

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Arthur Borman & Steve Danielson,
2000, 91 min.

The offbeat protagonists of this hilarious, riveting, and touching film are all afflicted with the fervent need for adulation and recognition. In the cutthroat world of karaoke contests, the ability to sing like a professional is equally important as on-stage charisma. We follow several contestants as they struggle through the ranks of local competitions in neighborhood bars to finally reach the glamorous, high-pressure finals, where their golden throats are finely-honed weapons in a winner-take-all battle for cash and a recording contract. Inhabiting a kitschy universe of eternal Las Vegas chic, these complex, driven individuals are consumed by dreams for which they are willing to sacrifice everything.

In Attendance Co-Directors Arthur Borman
& Steve Danielson

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Jeff Economy & Darren Hacker, 2000, 60 min.

As any tribute band will tell you, a tribute band is not a cover band. A cover band merely plays hit songs by many artists. Tribute bands, however, are created in a much more obsessive act of maniacal fandom. A tribute band seeks to replicate the look and sound of one specific artist or band, working hard to nail down their heroes' intonations, body moves, make-up, and hairstyles. Occasionally, a tribute will go as far as reconstructive surgery to get that look of authenticity. Follow filmmakers Jeff Economy and Darren Hacker as they take you into the tribute band netherworld (the film's title comes from the '70s stage show Beatlemania whose motto was "Šan incredible simulation," and the film includes clips from a doc about that production). You'll discover an entire subculture you never knew existed, inhabiting a parallel universe that looks and feels almost real. Featuring incredible simulations of Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Molly Hatchet, Adam & The Ants, the Rolling Stones, Joy Division, Gary Numan ("It seems frightening to me almost that some people look to me a being an important figure in their lives, Mr. Numan says of them) and Guided by Voices, ABBA, Neil Diamond and more.

In Attendance Co-Director Jeff Economy

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(Jamie Schenk, 2000, 35min.)

An exploration of bathroom graffiti as a form of expression which reveals quirks and beliefs, meanings and pleasures, while assuring anonymity.

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