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Sat 5/26 3:00pm


Sat 5/26 5:00pm


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Michelle Sachat, 2000, 64 min.

GIBTOWN is the nickname for Gibsonton, Florida, the retirement and off-season home for hundreds of carnival and circus show people. The town was at one time considered the oddest place is America. You can walk into any restaurant and find The Worlds Only Living Half Girl sipping coffee with her 8 foot 4 inch husband, Giant Al. They, along with The Lobster Man, Alligator Skin Man and the Monkey Girl, among others, made their living touring with carnival sideshows.

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(Documentary Short prize winner at SXSW) Over 30 years ago, Ed quit his job making bombs in Los Alamos and opened an unofficial museum of nuclear waste. (Ellen Spiro, 27min.)

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Monteith McCollum, 2000, 93 min.

This years Slamdance Film Festival Grand Jury Award winner for best feature, HYBRID is about a 100-year old Iowa farmer and his life-long obsession with hybrid seed corn. Milford Beeghly began experimenting with hybrid seed in secret in the 30s, peddling it to skeptical farmers at a time when intervening in the natural process was seen by some as an oddity, a hoax, even a sin. Growing corn is all about sex: the promiscuous mating ritual of corn, the inbreeding and pimping for pollen. HYBRID is located far from the realm of genteel biographical inquiryits a staggeringly original, impishly witty and rigorously inventive work that defies classification.

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