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Sun 5/27 7:00pm


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Andre Barcinski, 2000, 65 min.

The first feature-length documentary about the life and career of José Mojica Marins, Brazil's most famous horror film director and one of the Third World's most idiosyncratic and radical artists. Mojica is the creator of the character Zé do Caixão (Coffin Joe), a true icon of horror movies. In a career of over half a century, Mojica directed over 40 features, as well as 100-plus TV films. He also created comic books, plays, TV shows, radio programs, and even recorded a Samba record. Mojica is the most censored filmmaker in Brazilian history. Several of his films were banned by the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil between 1964 and 1985. The documentary tells Mojica's story, from his impoverished childhood in the suburbs of São Paulo, to the international recognition as one of the world's greatest horror directors, celebrated in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States. The film has in-depth interviews with Mojica and his closest associates, that reveal, for the first time, the bizarre and sometimes tragic stories behind his movies, as well as Mojica's own problems with alcohol, the Military Censorship Board, and tarantulas. There are also dozens of clips from his striking movies, described by Billboard magazine as "a cross between Russ Meyer and Luis Buñuel." The film was directed by André Barcinski and Ivan Finotti, two Brazilian journalists who published, in 1998, Mojica's biography, "Maldito" ("The Damned"), a best-seller in Brazil.

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BLOODHAG: THE FASTER YOU GO DEAF, THE MORE TIME YOU HAVE TO READ, the Puget Sound library tour of Bloodhag, a death metal band dedicated to teaching young rock fans that reading books is cool. (Brad Vanderburg, 8min.)

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Maggie Carey & Elena Carr, 2001, 46 min.

This unique view into a porn films creation follows two amateur pornographers who set out to make a porn film for women and encounter unusual obstacles. When finished, it was even banned from screening at the University of Texas at Austin where it was made. The documentary is then followed by the actual finished product to present a remarkable, candid perspective into the tribulations and rewards of creating blue movies.

In Attendance Co-Directors/Producers Maggie Carey & Elena carr

The Money Shot
Ric Bienstock, 2000, 47min.

A frank, fun and entertaining exploration of the business of hard-core porno films. From its seedy, underground roots at the turn of the century, to its digital, sanitized present-day form, the film examines how this industry has risen to become a pervasive and integral part of modern, mainstream culture.