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We have here 21 documentaries. No sense in hiding the "d" word -- heck, it's in our name. To many people, it's not exactly the most fun-filled word in the world. But, in fact, docs can be a lot of fun. Here at DocFest, we don't do solemn, we don't do social issues (well, maybe a little -- we've got a little nuclear power, some Chicano studies, quite a bit of sexual politics and a plea for literacy). The world is full of great, serious social issue docs. Go find them somewhere else.

We have movies about actual people like Dave (Hi, You've Reached Dave's Apartment), who loves Batman and toothbrushes and listening to music; Cynthia (Plaster Caster), who loves listening to music so much she dedicated her life to immortalizing her favorite rock stars; Milford, who dedicated his life to corn (Hybrid); and a group of musicians who love what they do so much they've been doing it every Monday night for over 30 years (What About Me: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band). There's the passionate and irony-free world of karaoke contests (Karaoke Fever), tribute bands (An Incredible Simulation -- OK, a little irony here) and yard sales.

Most movies are just an industrial product, designed by engineers and marketeers, manufactured to evoke a deep longing in you to see it, designed to remove $8.50 from your pocket. They're multimillion dollar business deals. These movies are different. They're not only made with passion and commitment and playfulness, they're about all those things, too. It's a potent combination. So, have some fun -- watch a doc.

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