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Freedom Park

Sunday, July 29

Sun 7/29

*Advance tickets for this show are no longer available, however, there will be tickets available at the door.

Sun 7/29

*Advance tickets for this show are no longer available, however, there will be tickets available at the door.

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Gala Presentation, 102min
Filmmakers in Attendance

EVERYDAY (World Premiere)
Juan Carlos Buitrón, 84min

The feature debut of a tremendously talented multi-hyphenate: Buitrón wrote, directed and stars in this gritty portrayal of family, friendship and love. While living in a neighborhood consumed by gangs and drugs (primarily supplied by his uncle), Christian only cares about three things: paying bills, getting good grades at college and trying to take care of his troubled teenage brother. Difficult circumstances allow for limited choices, and Christian desperately attempts to be the positive role model he never had. If only it were that easy.

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John Cassini, 18min

Recently released from prison, Rudy is driven by circumstances and familial loyalty to risk everything. He re-enters the criminal world that robbed his liberty to confront demons from his past.



Madness takes its Toll, 88min
Filmmakers in Attendance

Mike Slawomir Cecotka, 80min

An amazing feature based on a true story. In the early '80s a psychiatrist in Poland decides he needs to get a deeper understanding of the schizophrenic mind. In the spirit of pure research he decides to simulate a mental illness in order to be committed to an institution, thereby gaining first-hand knowledge of schizophrenics in their natural environment. As a check and balance he advises two senior psychiatrists of his plan, however one of the doctors dies and the other leaves Poland. His simulation is so successful that the good doctor is trapped in the institution with the violent and delusional clients. He is moved to a new cell for his own protection, but his new roommate has secrets of his own.


Stephen Marshall, 8min.

A glimpse into MK-Ultra; the CIA's top-secret mind control experiments, from the importation of Nazi scientists to the infamous LSD-driven brainwashing experiments of renowned psychiatrist Ewen Cameron. What a long strange trip it's been.