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Friday, August 25, 8pm, Cell
Patrick Hasson, 2000, 80 min, West Coast Premiere

Sean McNutt is losing his mind. Customer complaints, fifty cent tips, raw chicken parmigiana and Mafioso management are gnawing away at what sanity he has left. Welcome to the world of Waiting, a comedy about the seamy underbelly of the restaurant industry as told through the eyes of Sean McNutt (Love God's Will Keenan), a waiter trying to muster the ambition to move on in life. Recently dumped and still living at home, Sean drinks himself into oblivion each night until an impulsive visit to a fetish club to see an old flame ("The State's Kern Kenney) results in an ejection from the club and a taste of leather clad justice. This is the last straw, and Sean soon embarks on a campaign of romantic retaliation. Including cameos by former adult film star Ron Jeremy (Orgazmo) and Troma topper Lloyd Kaufman, Waiting takes you into the heart of South Philly' s most notorious eatery, Broccoletti's Italian Bistro--where what goes on behind the kitchen doors is better left unknown...

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Untitled #29.95
The Video Aktivists, 1999, 15min

A video about video, and about who controls art, in the age of high-priced video art stars like Matthew Barney and Alex Bag. "Tells the history of the commerical art establishment's attempt to turn video into an object like sculpture or painting in order to increase its value in the marketplace...Untitled #29.95 calls for high-priced limited edition videos to be 'liberated' from commerical art galleries and given to the internet (" - V. Aktivists. -NYUFF