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The Target Shoots First
Sunday, August 27, 7:30pm, Cell
Christopher Wilcha, 1999, 70 min

"In 1993, pensive punk rock fan and recent philosophy major Chris Wilcha finally buckled down and got a real job: an entry level marketing position at mail-order giant Columbia House, when the music club was just beginning to look into the new trend of 'grunge music' as a way to keep profits flowing. The suits were searching for a Gen-X informer, but Wilcha just wanted to pay his rent. In a supreme act of hipster nerdiness, Wilcha brought his new Hi-8 video camera to work with him each day to record his midtown experiences. Out of over 200 hours of footage he crafted this documentary, a first-person account of how the Age of Cobain played out in the music industry's most unglamorous wing. Low-fi, low-key, and unpretentious, The Target Shoots First takes it cues from the earnest post-adolescent soul-searching of indie rock, and the workplace frustrations of contemporary zines like Processed World and Temp Slave. As such, it's a dead-on early 90s time capsule." - New York Press. "A hilariously acidic, all-access indictment of corporate culture and his own yearlong complicity" - Spin. "Delicately explores corporate politics [and] the concept of selling out" - New York Times. -NYUFF

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