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Big Rattle in Seattle
Sunday, August 27, 7:30pm, Cell
Flaco Blag, 2000, 24 min, North American Premiere

"An activists-eye view-of the blockades that brought the World Trade Organisation to its knees on the streets of Seattle on November 30, 1999. Filmed on a shoestring budget of... er... sod all, the film is intended to inspire and incite wronged people from every point of the bloodstained compass. In a fog of gas and old bill the righteous dragon of global resistance takes on the corporate-led forces of evil, and wins."


preceded by:

Brian Standing, 2000, 38 min, West Coast Premiere

Pedalphiles follows the adventures of S.C.A.B. (Skids Creating Apocalyptic Bicycles), a roving gang of bicyclist-artist-philosophers hell bent on ridding the world of automobiles. Using trash nabbed from the Madison, Wisconsin streets, S.C.A.B. recycles junked ten-speeds and kids' scooters into nightmarish vehicles of urban terrorism. Between infiltrating events sponsored by tamer bycicle enthusiasts and wedging ill-fitting Huffies together with hacksawa and butterknives, S.C.A.B. members find time to muse on anarchy, consumer culture, proper bunny-hopping techniqe, the failure of the media and the purpose of art. "It's an experiment in phenomenology," says S.C.A.B. co-founder Michael Spelman, "butit's also nice to piss of cars."

and also:

small lies, Big Truth
Shelly Silver, 1999, 19 min

In turns funny, disturbing and glisteningly sensual, Small Lies, Big Truth is a tape about love, relationships and the joys and banalitiy of sex in the late 20th century. it also touches on such issues as morality, voyeurism, nature vs. culture and power, as eight people read fragments from the testimony of William Jefferson Clinton and Monica S. Lewinksy, as published in the Starr Report. These four couples include an older man and a younger woman, an older woman and a younger man, an older man and a younger man, and a younger woman and an older woman.

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