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Once & Future Queen
Sunday, August 27, 9:30pm, Cell
Todd Verow, 90 min, West Coast Premiere

Antimatter (Philly) is the queen of nothing, the ruler of nowhere - in other words, she's too cool for you - but can you put her up for the night? Drifting through the Lower East Side like the death-rattle echoes of rock and roll, she's on a desperate, desolate mission to get her band together and finally conquer something, anything. Her manic manipulations and chaotic philosophies never seem to gel in the present - she's either a step behind or two steps ahead - but never where she really sees herself to be - wherever that is. Bored with the dangling fly-strip tease of fame that has eluded her her whole life, she's nevertheless only alive on stage; dreaming of a place where no one will unplug that amp, threaten her life or shovel her out the door in the morning. Of course her rampant drug and alcohol use, her frequent homelessness, the fact that she isn't getting any younger and that she's been married more times than Liz Taylor doesn't help. As her connections to reality slip away in the haze of her traveling sideshow lifestyle, the inferno of celebrity and self-destruction seductively beckon. ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN is a woman destined to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and somehow make that into a fashion statement. If you've ever felt used and abused, under appreciated, scraped off the sidewalk or simply horny, Antimatter has some advice for you. She's been there, done that and didn't give a shit. Or so she says. "Downright stunning ...Cute movies like "Smithereens" should be formally interred under well-worn tapes of Once and Future Queen." - Peter Hall, New York Independent Film Monitor