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Poetic License
Saturday, August 26, 7:30pm, Cell
David Yanofsky, 2000, 57 min, Premiere

Poetic License, focuses on the emergence of spoken word and performance poetry as a captivating and powerful form of expression for American teen-age youth. The film offers a glimpse into the bright young minds and voices of a burgeoning youth cultural movement as it unfolds. There is a teen poetry and spoken word movement rapidly gaining force in the nation, one which encourages young people to express themselves honestly and creatively, and to aggressively break down the stereotypes which have thus far defined their generation. Much of this expression takes place at poetry slams, what poet Bob Holman calls "the most exciting grassroots cultural movement in the country." Started ten years ago in Chicago, slams have quickly spread to evey part of the country, leaving a new American poetic in its wake. Through compelling live performances and interviews with dozens of teen poets, Poetic License captures the energy and intelligence of this new poetic movement. The film also connects these young writers with those who have come before, such as the Last Poets, the Beats and leading literary figures such as Genny Lim, Sherman Alexie and saha bandele.

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THE Magnificent Andersons
Julie Morrison, 1999, 31 min, West Coast Premiere

The Magnificent Andersons Julie Morrison, 1999, 31:00, West Coast Premiere Deep within the borders of Nevada, alongside the mountain range that cloaks Area 51, sits the small town of Overton. Backed by friends, discouraged by government, Terry and Gerri Anderson raise a family that knows what it sees, and sees what is to come. It's this secret knowledge and family support that not only brings them close, but consequently separates them from the rest of society. Julie Morrison's new documentary The Magnificent Andersons takes a look into their double-wide trailer home and their perception on family, world domination and the ever-existent presence of aliens that live among us.

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