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Fucked in the Face
Saturday, August 26, 5:30pm ATA
Shawn Durr, 2000, 70 min, West Coast Premiere

Ever feel like queer culture is walking sedately down a straight path of "be normal" messages and bland points of view? Well, if you're thinking gay has grown tiresomely politically correct, WATCH OUT! 'Cuz here comes Shawn Durr's FUCKED IN THE FACE, the all-digital, bad-ass first feature from the award winning director of last year's MEAT FUCKER. A cinematic melding of gay serial killer slasher flicks, FUCKED IN THE FACE is the story of Henry Normal, a young gay man who is not having a good week. First, his abusive boyfriend kicks him out of his apartment leaving him homeless, penniless and without a single ounce of crank. As if all that weren't bad enough, a gang of fag-hating, cock-loathing lesbians is hot on his trail, stalking and taunting him without mercy. At the end of his rope, Henry begins to believe his only hope for salvation lies in finding the man of his dreams- a cute, blond gay serial killer on the run from the FBI. His search for the love of his life plunges him into the seamy, cum-drenched ghetto of the queer subculture, where the currency of choice is sex, drugs, beauty and expensive cars, and where the need for control leads to use, abuse, rejection and violence. Brace yourself- this edgy, rude, hilarious and ultimately horrific bent film will slap you with gay sex acts, brutal killings, lots of penis and piles of crystal meth. What more could you ask from queer cinema?? Like a chocolate dipped in tarantula venom, this lusciously evil "hard" candy offers a much-needed kink in the straight and narrow path.

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