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The San Francisco Independent Film Festival (AKA SF IndieFest) announces
the debut of a new three day program focusing on video produced features,
shorts and documentaries. All work will be presented on digital projectors, with
many of the filmmakers in attendance. The program is a collaborative effort
of the SF IndieFest, Artist's Television Access and Cell.

The accessibilty of digital video, and the new means to present and distribute it--namely the film festival circuit and an internet hungry for "content"--promises to allow video to finally achieve what it has hoped to do all along: bring movie making to the people. The Digital Underground aims to present new work from movie makers who operate beneath the radar of the movie industry and have at their disposal new digital and analog video tools. Instead of the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to shoot on film, video makers can now produce high quality work for much less. Young artists with interesting, non-commercial stories to tell now have a medium and a way to reach an audience that they never had before. Digital video is taking the independent filmmaking community by storm, with some of the most daring, risky and unorthodox work being produced with the new format.