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Digital Hardcore
Friday, August 25, 10pm,
Opening Night After Party, Cell

Philipp Virus, 1994-1999, 70 min

To say that Philipp Virus simply "makes music videos" is like saying that Charles Manson "had a magnetic personality." Longtime collaborator with Alec Empire, Atari Teenage Riot and other Digital Hardcore artists, this crafty young Kraut has a killer knack for mixing and warping his images into both relentless pixel-driven blitzkriegs and soft electro-atmospheric visual environments, like an uncontrollable mood engine set to bipolar. With a techno-fetishist science-fiction inflection and a gleefully transgressive punk rock soul, Virus has such an advanced ability to engage his audiences with hypnotic, controlling fervor that it's kinda scary he's German. Lucky for Western civilization, he's fully anti-authority, a pure proponent of eternal artistic revolution. --New York Underground Film Festival

You Ain't Nothing
(Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley) 1999
Revolution Action: Live at QEH2 London (Atari Teenage Riot) 1999
Atari Teenage Riot (Atari Teenage Riot) 1997
Destroy 2000 Years of Culture (Atari Teenage Riot) 1997
Low On Ice (Alec Empire) 1995
Sick To Death (Alec Empire) 1997
Cook (DJ Mowgly) 1995
Sweat (Shizuo) 1995
Speed (Atari Teenage Riot) 1995
The Report Soundtrack (Alec Empire) 1998
Kids Are United (Atari Teenage Riot) 1995
Cocaine Ducks (Ec8or) 1996 Tie Me To The Wall (Hanin Elias) 1996
Civilisation Virus (with Alec Empire soundtrack) 1994
We All Die (Alec Empire) 1995 You're A Hero (Patric C.) 1997
I'm Insane (Dinosaur Jr.) 1997
Attack (John Spencer Blues Explosion & Alec Empire) 1999
We Punkeinheit (Nintendo Teenage Robots) 1999